Welcome to the most important House District race in Colorado for 2016

This year HD 62 is an open seat. For the first time in 8 years we have a REAL opportunity to make a difference. We have the chance to TAKE BACK OUR HOUSE!
The history of HD 62 is longer than the history of Colorado. While it is one of the most recent districts, it has its roots in Spanish Land Grants and early settlers. It’s that pioneering spirit that sets this house district apart from the other 64 in the state.
This year together we can help the state of Colorado by electing the ONE candidate that can best represent this district from the city of Pueblo to the timbers of Saguache County. We can let those in Denver know that we don’t care about party preference as much as ensuring ALL parts of Colorado matter. We may not be the Front Range, but without our farmers and ranchers, Denver doesn’t eat. The Historic East Side of Pueblo is rich in culture, and a vital part of the district as well.
People ask all the time why I’m running for this seat. The answer is simple. I want my neighbors, friends, and family to be represented in Denver, and they just haven’t had that for the last 16 years.
But I can’t do it alone! I NEED your help. I need you to help spread our message. Yard signs, highway signs, and e-mails are great ways to get our name out, but I need YOU to talk to your neighbors, friends and relatives about how together WE can TAKE BACK OUR HOUSE!
Sign up to help volunteer, send a donation, or set up a meet and greet. I’m happy to meet you where you live, work and play. Use any of the links on this website to get in touch with me. Together, let’s make Pueblo, Huerfano, and the San Luis Valley strong once again!

– Marcy

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